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Cadillac Business Fleet Program in Gatineau, QC

The only thing better than a Cadillac is an entire fleet of Cadillacs, and what better way to outfit your business by utilizing a fleet of one of the most luxurious and performance-drive vehicles on the market. Our Business Fleet Program here at Surgenor Gatineau is here to serve you with an elegant fleet that represents the utmost in vehicle prowess and an improved company appearance. Learn about our eligibility requirements below, why Cadillac vehicles are perfect for both small business and government agencies, as well as how our brand separates itself from the others.

Cadillac Fleet Eligibility & Enrollment

Cadillac provides luxury crossovers/SUVs and sedans, but it’s easier than you may think to get a fleet for your business. Below are the qualifications for eligibility and enrolment to see if you qualify. If you don’t, or have questions about our criteria, please just let us know.

  • If your business has at least 5 vehicles licensed and registered to your business name.
  • If you’re purchasing 3 or more vehicles with this purchase.
  • If this planned purchase would take you over the 5 vehicle threshold.
  • If you’re a government agency/regulated utility, public school or medical hospital.

Small Business/Commercial

Setting yourself apart from your competition often comes in the fine details and a visual presentation that gives customers an immediate idea of the quality of business they’re dealing with. Putting a Cadillac fleet front and centre of your business ensures that no one will be mistaken for your business acumen, care and devotion to the best. We’re able to work within your budget and provide offers that may make our Cadillac fleet the best option for your small business and commercial needs.

Government Fleet

Few vehicles exude professionalism quite like a Cadillac, making them the perfect choice for your government fleet. We welcome and support this reputation, having years of experience supplying clients with vehicles, so it’s no wonder why Cadillac vehicles have been such a popular choice over the years for government agencies who require a representation for the best.


Why Choose Cadillac for Your Fleet?

There’s many fleet programs out there and thus many vehicles to choose from, but Cadillac vehicles and our program continually offers the best in both quality of models and versatility of the program. We’ve highlighted some of our top advantages, to let you know what to expect when driving with a Cadillac fleet.

Luxurious Options: Whether a sedan or SUV, you can’t beat the luxury, elegance and crisp performance-driven qualities in each and every Cadillac.
Solutions Designed For Your Business: We don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions, we’ll work with your business to provide a plan that works for your budget.
Partnerships: For the tops in service, parts and accessories that your Cadillac may require over its life, we’re connected through the best in the industry to supply your vehicle with all of the maintenance and parts that it needs to run as it should into the future.
Incentive Offers: We offer a variety of incentive offers that may assist you in more easily affording our Cadillac fleet services. Please contact us for more on any applicable or relevant specials currently.

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