Our Finance Department at Surgenor Cadillac Gatineau

Should you need assistance toward financing or leasing of your Cadillac, our finance department here at Surgenor Cadillac Gatineau is here to help. Our dedicated finance team has years of experience working specifically with Cadillac sedans and SUvs, to assist you in getting the most out of your vehicle, that doesn’t damage your wallet. Be sure to explore our latest offers and specials to see ways you can make your next Cadillac purchase easier than ever. Through solutions that work for your background to helping you decide whether leasing or financing is best, read on and connect with our finance department!

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Auto Financing Solutions

Coming to our finance team at Surgenor Cadillac Gatineau doesn’t mean you have to adapt to our whims, we’ll work with you and your background to help make a plan that works for the Cadillac that you truly want. We understand that the finance process can be daunting, but we’ll walk you through it every step of the way through our transparent process so you’re aware of every cost that’s going into your purchase.

Leasing or Financing?

You may have decided on the Cadillac you want, but aren’t sure if you should lease or finance. It all comes down to how you anticipate using your vehicle, and whether you’re interested in switching into new models, or sticking with your current model. Explore below some of our top reasons why leasing or financing may be right for you, and if you have any lingering questions our finance team is more than equipped to help you make your choice.

Reasons to Lease a Cadillac:

  • You’ll pay less on leasing payments than purchasing per month.
  • If you want to drive the latest Cadillac you can update your vehicle more often.
  • Leasing has a kilometre limit, so if you don’t drive much it’s perfect for you.
  • You’ll be safeguarded through warranty protection with service coverage.

Reasons to Finance a Cadillac:

  • You can buy and be the sole owner of your Cadillac.
  • You can enjoy more flexibility when financing.
  • If you drive a lot, there’s no kilometre limit.
  • You can build up equity.

For any questions you may have about your Cadillac and any related finance needs, our experts are here to answer them all.